Blue Cracked Corn Loose

From: $14.00

From: $14.00
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$7 per 200g bag or $50 for a 2400g box

For the adventurous, letʼs try coloured popcorn/kettle corn. Sweet and salty and coloured to your mood, party, birthday, gender, Halloween, Christmas, Wedding, …anyway you get the picture or wait there are pictures. Have a peek and let us know what colour you want, with quantity.

Our Pink & Blue sweet & salty mixture is a favorite to set the tone for BABY REVEAL PARTIES.
When it’s time for the Big Reveal let our popcorn say……. Pink or Blue We Love You! …… Don’t forget to add a custom bag of the pink or blue to reveal the gender of your baby.

Rainbow is a favourite for birthday parties, spring flings and specials occasions like Easter, First Communions, Graduations & Diwali! Just watch the kids eyes light up when they see a big bag of this colourful sweet & salty tasty treat!!

200g bags are sold in boxes, 2 bags per box.

Additional information

Weight 3.1 g
Dimensions 39 × 30 × 51 cm

200g, 2400g


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