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Wanted to share this as I decided to portion it out this morning as lunch treats!! 1 bag = 10 portions for kids and 1 for mom!! Yay!
Kids love this… Now they’ll see it for more than 5 minutes (average time for a bag to be devoured!)

TB | Hamilton Ontario. ;)

Hey guys,

I had to let you know how much I’m enjoying this Cracked corn!! Perfect name by the way!! I’m addicted and I will have to get some more before the weekend.. I purchased two bags before I left the fair yesterday and my first bag was half gone before I got home.. I refuse to reveal the amount of time it took me to consume that much, mind you I had a little help from my little one lol..

Thank you


Was at the giant yard sale at exhibition park in Halifax today and bought a bag of Jamie’s cracked corn… Loved it and will be buying it on a regular basis… Great taste, great price! Thanks so much

Jason K.

I ate your popcorn on Brampton day in Gage park on 22 September.
It was amazing and was really tasty.I enjoyed it.

K Bhandary

Hi !

I bought some of your delicious wares today at the riverdale art walk and just wanted to say, it was the BEST Kettlecorn I have ever tasted! Please, for the love of god, get someone in Leslieville to carry your product. As I ration the last few kernels of goodness left, I already regret not buying a second bag.



Hi, my friends and I enjoyed your fabulous kettle corn at the sheep dog trials last year and could not wait to go again this year. We were so happy that your Kettle corn was still available there. We have been having an annual girls get together at my cottage in Gananoque for over 20 years. The sheep dog trials was a new adventure for us last year. The young lady selling the product was kind enough to take a group picture of me and my friends which she encouraged me to send to you. Here it is.

Thanks for a great wholesome product.



I tried your kettle corn couple weeks ago at the Queen West Art Crawl in Trinity Park and it was the most delicious thing I’ve ever eaten! And I am not a big fan of popcorn, i don’t buy it on the regular basis, but now I will! I think I am addicted to it now=) Jamie’s cracked corn is soooo good, no words can describe it. It is sweet and salty at the same time – it the perfect combination. Thank you Jamie’s Cracked Corn for making such a good corn! All the best to you.


We were so glad to have you at the Toronto International Dragon Boat Race Festival at Centre Island this past weekend. My friend got a few bags of your cracked corn to take to Hong Kong as gifts. You are an international brand name from now on.

My daughter’s friends love your cracked corn so much they want me to track you down – when and where your next events are, and whether your products are available in stores. Thanks to the link you sent, I’m sure they will head out to your events or retail locations to find you.

Have a great summer, and I’ll see you around!


Good Evening!

I just got back home from the CIBC Presents Bollywood Under The Stars Movie Nights in Brampton. My favorite part of the night, to my surprise, was not the entertainment or Indian food, but the delicious kettle corn and cotton candy I have ever had. I am a huge fair foods fan and it was absolutely delicious (and semi healthy =) ) So happy I ran into them and will be anticipating the next time I see CJ and jamie!

Good morning RJ!

I cannot thank you enough for coming to pop kettle corn and spin candy floss at our school Mayfair on Sunday. I had comments all day long about how delicious your kettle corn and candy floss was. The smell in the air made everyone’s mouths water, and the taste did not disappoint! I truly appreciate your support of our school community. I also want to thank you so much for being so calm, cool and collected while you had NONE of the help that was promised. That was a huge error on our part, and you handled it so graciously and without complaint. We could not have been happier to have you as part of the day and I hope you will come back next year! Thank you again RJ, and best of luck over the summer. I will have to track you down at some of the upcoming events, just to get stocked up on your DELICIOUS Kettle Corn!

Beth W