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Good morning RJ!

I cannot thank you enough for coming to pop kettle corn and spin candy floss at our school Mayfair on Sunday. I had comments all day long about how delicious your kettle corn and candy floss was. The smell in the air made everyone’s mouths water, and the taste did not disappoint! I truly appreciate your support of our school community. I also want to thank you so much for being so calm, cool and collected while you had NONE of the help that was promised. That was a huge error on our part, and you handled it so graciously and without complaint. We could not have been happier to have you as part of the day and I hope you will come back next year! Thank you again RJ, and best of luck over the summer. I will have to track you down at some of the upcoming events, just to get stocked up on your DELICIOUS Kettle Corn!

Beth W

Just wanted to let you know I am a firm believer in your popcorn. When I start eating the popcorn I can’t stop till the bag is done. Thank you so much for letting me sample your popcorn. It is truly the best popcorn I have ever tasted. I do have to admit the guy cooking the popcorn is pretty cute! Maybe you can come to the Welland Foodfest sometime and sell our delicious popcorn.


Let me start by telling you how fabulous your popcorn really is! I try to save some for my family but they can never seem to get to the bag full or even 1/2 full, as a matter of fact it is always empty because I can’t stop eating it till it’s gone.
I do believe what makes the popcorn so delicious is the person cooking the popcorn with love and sweetness. Yum!

Thanks for making that delicious popcorn you certainly know how to get to a woman’s heart.

Tried your cracked corn at Brampton farmers market, it is the best.



We were at the Hamilton waterfront on Saturday and by chance/impulse happened to buy a bag of Jamie’s Cracked Corn.

We got home and cracked open the bag and couldn’t stop eating. Upon realizing our immediate and new addiction, I attempted to go back to the waterfront a bit latter that same afternoon, but alas, you were gone.

So congratulations: you’ve turned us into Jamie Crack-heads! Now we need to know where to track you down. We’re so hooked, we’re willing to meet you in a dark alley to get our fix-if it has to come to that. I’m guessing you also operate “above board”…so that works for us too.

Do you sell in bulk? By the skid?

When/where is the next you’re in Hamilton?

We could drive to Brampton if necessary…

Yes, it’s desperate.

Of course, in order not to appear so pathetic, we’ll make sure to get our friends hooked on the stuff as well. See that? We don’t even have our second bag yet and I’m already making plans on dealing the stuff. Yikes!!

Congratulations on making such a fabulous product…now tell us: How do we score more of this stuff?

Please send info fast…we’re in withdrawal. We need to know where to find you.

Anxiously awaiting our next fix,

Sue + Tim

Article “A balmy day for a polar bear dip” By JOE WARMINGTON, Toronto Sun (January 2011) Retrieved from

The place where they really have this skating path down perfectly is at Gage Park, at Queen and Wellington, in downtown Brampton. It was the first in the area and it’s also worth the drive out to experience.

It’s like taking a trip back in time. The ice path is a giant oval which goes around the whole park.

It also has areas dug into it for beginners.

In addition to the skating, there is a terrific snack bar with hot chocolate and hamburgers and often a bonfire with people roasting marshmallows.

Out on the street next to it you also have horse carriage rides around old Brampton and the roasted chestnuts, delicious popcorn and apple cider of R.J. Donaldson’s Jamie’s Cracked Corn. For more information check out

It feels like you are in a winter scene on a movie of postcard from the 19th century.

Sometimes tax money is spent well”

Another Popcorn Fan